Do I need a Chiropractor, a Massage Therapist or a Physio?

Difference between Chiropractor and Massage Therapist or Physio

Chiropractor vs Physio vs Massage Therapist

    Well that depends on what your condition actually is and what requires treatment!

    It is quite common for us to hear from patients asking us whether or not their problem is due to a “spine” or “joint” problem or a “muscle problem”.

    Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. When it comes to diagnosis, things can get quite complex!

    Take Low Back Pain for example:

    Whilst it may be easy to throw low back pain into the simple categories of being either due to a ‘muscle problem’ or ‘spine problem’, there are many questions that need to be considered to work out what is actually causing the problem:

    • Where is the location of the pain? Is it referring to anywhere else?
    • How long has it been there for?
    • What is the quality of the pain? Sharp? Dull? Achy? Burning? Tingling? Throbbing? Hot? Cold? Tight? Stiff? etc.
    • Has it been progressively worsening? Has it been developing new symptoms overtime or changing in nature and location?
    • What prior treatments have you had for this problem? How did you respond? Pain killers? Surgeries?
    • Have you had any imaging to confirm or rule out certain causes?
    • Is this pain actually coming from a referred pain from somewhere else in the body? (note: seldom do you find the cause of the problem at the site of the pain!)
    • Is it a muscle OR joint OR nerve OR disc OR ligament OR tendon OR [insert other musculoskeletal tissue here!] irritation?
      • Is it a combination of these things? (and what came first? i.e. the chicken or the egg).
      • Is it just a simple case of low back pain or could it be due to a disc problem OR a pinched nerve OR sciatica OR arthritis OR Scoliosis (abnormal spinal curves) OR something else?
    • Is it actually a musculoskeletal condition in the first place?
    • Is this pain actually due to a referred pain from an organ or something else entirely? i.e. bowel pain referral, bladder pain referral. Etc.
    • Could a serious pathology be at play and causing this problem?
    • …The list goes on and on!

    (*Please note these are just some questions that can be asked and is by-no-means exhaustive.)

    So, with that in mind

    There are a huge number of things that could be causing the pain!

    So where do we start? How do you actually work out what is causing my pain and problems?

    As each case is unique and keeping in mind there can be many causes of pain, that would depend strongly upon the results of a proper clinical assessment and diagnostic work-up.

     In order to determine what may be causing your pain, a comprehensive history, examination and appropriate investigations & Imaging should be considered before diagnosis/identified cause(s) can be given and appropriate treatment recommended.

    Should you see a Chiropractor, a Massage Therapist or a Physio?

    Can Stapleton Adelaide Chiropractors help work this all out for me?

    The short answer: Yes!

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    Stapleton Adelaide Chiropractors go through 5 years of university qualification and continuing, ongoing professional development to be well trained in the science and art of diagnosis, and as such, are primary-contact practitioners. Thismeans that they can help workout what is causing your problem(s) and the steps you should take to go about addressing them properly (be that chiropractic or otherwise). Stapleton Adelaide Chiropractors go to extensive lengths to ensure that you are receiving the right care for the right reasons, in order for you to achieve the best results possible.

    In order to do this, our chiropractors go through a comprehensive history and examination process with you. Depending on their findings, they may refer you for further imaging in order to gain deeper levels of clarity towards your condition(s) and cause.

    During your report of findings our chiropractors will sit down with you and explain to you what they have found to be the problem(s) through collating and analysing all of your findings. They may draw up geometry on your films if taken (x-ray analysis) and go through them in detail with you using easy-to-understand terminology. They will help you understand what condition your spine and overall health is in and your available options moving forward should action be recommended (chiropractic or otherwise). Each option will be explained to you so that you can make an informed and educated decision on which option you would like to take moving forward.

    If indicated (and you elect to do so), our chiropractors will spend time to construct a proper care strategy geared towards your unique presentation to best address your problems. They will also help to work towards goals that you want to achieve (for example: get back to work, get back to sport, kick the football around with the family or whatever you aspire to do). Special additional time will be made to sit down and explain your care strategy to you so you can understand what to expect when moving forward with your care (time frames, recommended adjustment frequencies, milestones and exercise implementation, etc.) and also what is required from you to make the plan work!

    …And from there, we look forward to helping you back on track with your journey towards optimal health, well-being and a maximised life!

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